Aprender el verbo to be en inglés

Lección sobre el verbo TO BE

En esta lección aprenderás a utilizar el verbo TO BE en afirmativo, negativo e interrogativo. Además, podrás ver un video explicación y realizar ejercicios completamente interactivos.


Explicación del verbo TO BE en inglés



Este verbo en español puede significar “ ser” o “ estar”.

1. Origen:

I am from Colombia (Soy de Colombia) I am from Colombia                 

She is not from Peru. (Ella no es de Perú) She is not from Peru

2. Adjetivos que describen a personas u objetos:

The car is red (El carro es rojo)    The car is red                               

 They are not shy (Ellos no son tímidos) They are not shy

3. Ubicación:

Is she at home? (¿Está  ella en casa?)  Is she at home                      

We are in the classroom (Estamos en el salón) We are in the classroom


4. Estados:

She is not afraid (ella no está asustada)   She is not afraid               

The window is broken (la ventana está rota) The window is broken

5. Usos especiales:

En español para referirnos a la edad utilizamos el verbo “ tener” como en “ yo tengo 20 años”. En inglés para referirnos al edad no lo hacemos con el verbo “ tener” sino con el verbo “TO BE”. Ejemplo:

She is 20 years old  (ella tiene 20 años) She is 20 years old

Si quieres ver una explicación en video mucho más detallada que incluye la pronunciación, haz clic en el siguiente link:


Ver vídeo de explicación del verbo TO BE en inglés


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Si quieres practicar tu escritura, en los comentarios de esta entrada puedes escribir un texto corto, posteriormente lo corregiré y te mostraré tus errores para que mejores tu inglés.

Escribe un texto sobre tu familia utilizando el verbo TO BE correctamente (escribe máximo 35 palabras). Utiliza el siguiente texto como modelo:

I am Freddy. My mother is beautiful. My father is tall. They are from Colombia. My sister is intelligent. We have a pet. It is a cat. We are a happy family.


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  1. I am a man, I love my family, They are my sister and my mother, are you my brother, we are a family shy and intelligent.

  2. I am a man, I love my family, They are my sister and my mother, are you my brother, we are a family shy and intelligent.

  3. I am a man, I love my family, They are my sister and my mother, are you my brother, we are a family shy and intelligent.

  4. My name is lelani i am from honduras i am married i have two babies i’m 36 years old my mother is small and my father is big i have two sibling they are very little

  5. My name is Richard , my mom is a beautiful woman ,we are a happy family ,my pet it is a dog .my is living in Canada

  6. Pilar says:

    My name is Pilar, I am study art, My son is Tomas, he is student. My father is artist, he is singer. My cousin, Luis, is Doctor, he is working in the hospital

  7. Pablo says:

    Hi, I am Pablo. My mother is died 18 year ago and My father is died 2 year ago. I’m from Argentina. My brother is very tall. i have a pet. It is a dog, her name is Lola. We are a happy family.

  8. luz amparo hernandez says:

    Hi! my name is Amparo. I am a teacher in a primary school. I am from Colombia.I am married, we have four sons, all men. they are the most beautiful and very nice boys that existed in the planet. They are lovelys. I am very happy in my life with their. My parents are a few old but I love their. they are fantastics persons.

  9. eliuth says:

    hello My name is Eliuth. I’m from Mexico.
    My mother is a beautiful, My father is a tall, My brother is a more tall.

  10. Luciana says:

    Hi! My name is Luciana. I`m form Maldonado in Uruguay. I´m 11 years old. My father´s name is Omar. My mother´s name is Fabiana.I haven´t got brothers or sisters. I like study English.I live with my parents and my grandmother and my grandfather. They are wonderful. Bye.

  11. Evelincita says:

    Corrijo: I have one brother and two sisters.

  12. Evelincita says:

    My name is Evelin. I am from Colombia. I live in Cali. I am twenty-seven years old. I am working. My parents are from Colombia and i love them. My brother is name Fabian. I am three siblings., my brother is name Fabian , my sisters are name Giselle y Joselin. I love them, too.

  13. jhonhawi says:

    I am teacher of basic primary in the municipality of Port Victory of the department of Antioquia – Colombia. I am from Falan – Tolima. my mother is beutifull. I have five brothers and two sisters. my brother Carlos is policeman. my sister Yesenia is teacher and my other siblings are studying.

  14. yussefc says:

    i am yussef iam 28 years old, i am have a doughter, i am in bogota, my parents are in cali iam happy

  15. gustavo adolfo rojas bueno says:

    Hi, i am gustavo adolfo. i am a student, my mom is beautiful, my dad is a great man, we are from colombia

  16. patyzapp says:

    Iam Patricia Salzar. My mother is teacher, she is beautiful is very important for me, My father is a great men,I have two sister she`s very intelligents,My parents is my life.

  17. Angie valencia says:

    Hi,My name is Angela for now I am study for talk English.

  18. Azucena says:

    ♣ I`m Azucena,my mother♥ is the most important person in my life Your name is Hortensia. My sister is very intelligents Your name is Valery, my brother Erick is tall, and have other sister your name is Dulce , she have a litle baby is really beautiful, He is Irving♥.

  19. Melissa Obregón Lebolo says:

    My parents are wonderful, I have a niece, her name is thaliana.
    I’m from Barranquilla, Colombia.
    And I’m learning English.

    • Freddy Ratm says:

      It is quite good you are learning English. Keep on studying because speaking English is really important in our society. Your text is grammatically correct.
      You can write more comments and I will correct them.

  20. Leer says:

    Hi. I am Leer, I am single, I am mecanic Engineer, I live with my parents. my family is beautiful, we are fours, my parents, my sisters and me, my father is felix bolivar, he is is intelligent and my mother is Carolina Padilla, She is Lovely. My sister is nathalie Bolivar , she is teacher. she is living at united states.

    • Freddy Ratm says:

      Hello Leer,thank you for your comment.These are some suggestions:
      1. I am a mechanic engineer.
      2. We are four
      3. She is a teacher

  21. Marcelo says:

    My name is Marcelo. I am from Brazil.
    I am learning english.

  22. Paco says:

    hello, my name is Paco,my mother is old and wise, my sisters is away, we are from Galicia, my new proyect is learn a languaje

  23. Hi. I am Lorena, I am married, my family is beautiful, we have a two children the first is girl your name is Catherine she is a cherrful girl, the second is boy, he’s name is Pablo, he is restless and funny.
    I am stady english
    I like your page…

    • Freddy Ratm says:

      Hi Lorena, thank you for the comment. Take into account the following suggestions:
      1. We have two children (“ a two children” es incorrecto)
      2. Her name is Catherine (El posesivo “su” para mujer es “her”)
      3. Cheerful (“cherrful” es incorrecto)
      4. His name is Pablo (el posesivo “su” para hombre es “his”)
      5. Study (“stady” es incorrecto)
      6. English (Los idiomas siempre van con la primera letra en mayúscula: Spanish, French, etc.)
      Te recomiendo la lección sobre posesivos. Hasta pronto.
      Hasta pronto. Freddy.

  24. Muhammad says:

    I am Muhammad. My mother is lovely an my father is intelligent. We are from Morocco. My brothers are very intelligents and funnies.

  25. Francisco says:

    I am Francisco, I am from Mexico, My mother is a great woman, they are from Italian

  26. juan carlos castellanos says:

    I am Juan Carlos Castellanos. My Mother is died last 8 years. My father is magnificent. My sisters is very special for my and we are very close for the lacking of mother. my family is very happy