Explicación y ejercicios sobre el presente simple en inglés

Lección el presente simple

  1. Observa los vídeos de explicación sobre el presente simple.
  2. Realiza los ejercicios interactivos sobre el presente simple.
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Nivel principiantes

Para practicar tu escritura redacta un texto corto, posteriormente lo corregiré y te mostraré tus errores para que mejores tu inglés rápidamente.Escribe un texto sobre un amigo o amiga (escribe máximo 40 palabras). Utiliza el siguiente texto como modelo:

Annie is my best friend. She lives in New York City.  She likes hamburgers and pizza. Her best friend is Charles. They do not live in the same city because Charles lives in Brazil.   They talk on the phone almost everyday.

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  1. maribel says:

    Hello, I like lesson, I am learning the present Simple and continuos o progresive, but I have to study and practice very muc..

  2. perezgeduardo says:

    Hello, i learning speak English. I need speak English very well for my next job. I like work out of Spain.

  3. Narlys Rodriguez says:

    Hello, Richi is my friend. He is fourty-one. He is system engeneer. He is married. He has two daughter. He works in a big company. His favorite colour is black. His favorite food is meat. He likes reading. He also likes cooking, but He hates dishwashing. He gets up at 5:00. He has breakfast at 7:30. He goes to works at 8:00.

  4. Maximo Alvarez says:

    Hi, I live en Mexico. I like the music. I want to study english. My favorite color es blue. My friends and I eat pizza. They leave the cinema.

  5. Angie says:

    your teacher will you help me with one conditional examination thanks

  6. Angie says:

    Paula is best friend, she like a candy and ice cream, she lives in Bogotá, Paula study in Santa Mariana de Jesús I go a study a school, Paula you have a sister the years los is 13 I also always happy, I love a best friend

  7. Ángeles says:

    Yunuen is my friend. She is pretty, She lives in México. She likes to shopping. Her family lives in Guadalajara. Yunuen estudies in the week and she works in the week-end. She lives with her boy friend. They are very happy.

  8. orfilia says:

    Hi, I have a friend, her name is luisa, let go to shopping, she is very good friend…….

  9. Sandra says:

    Hello, I have forgotten my English. I think that this is a good form to it improve. Bye. ( Gute Idee Freddy)