Biografía de Messi en inglés

Ejercicio de lectura sobre biografía de Messi en inglés TOEFL / Reading exercise about Lionel Messi (Biography).

Una habilidad importante para la comprensión de lectura es saber donde insertar oraciones un párrafo. Para realizar esta tarea de forma correcta debes leer el párrafo totalmente, y luego intentar insertar la oración. Esta tipo de pregunta es muy popular en el examen internacional TOEFL.  

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  • Bio: forma corta de Biography
  • World cup: copa mundo
  • Holder: propietario o poseedor
  • Wear: llevar puesto
  • Coveted: codiciado
  • Truly: de verdad
  • Award: premio
  • Entire: entero o todo
  • Forward: delantero



Lee y luego contesta las preguntas sobre la biografía de Lionel Messi en inglés

Párrafo 1
(A) There have been some amazing soccer players in the world. The Brazilian Pele was one of them, (B) and now we have a combination of both and his name is Lionel Messi. (C) In this article we are going to give you a quick bio on the superstar that plays for Barcelona in clubs and for the Argentinian national team in the world cup (D).

Párrafo 2
(A) Messi was born June 24, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina (B). He plays forward position and is the holder of the ultimate number for a soccer player to wear (C). He started by playing in Barcelona for division C in 2003 and the moved up to division B in 2004 (D). Finally, by the end of 2004 he was already a member of the Barcelona’s first team, and that is when the legend was truly born.

Párrafo 3
Lionel Messi (A) at this point and by the time he turned 24, he (B) had become the top scorer for Barcelona and continues to hold that record. He (C) also became the first player to ever win the best player of the year award for a total of 4 consecutive years (D).

Párrafo 4
He had scored 200 goals (A) for Barcelona and the entire world considers him to be the best soccer player in the world. There is much left to be seen about this amazing player (B). We hope to see him perform many more hat tricks and (C) incredible dribbles and goals in the field for the teams that he has played for all these years (D).

Lionel Messi